Kentucky Headshot Photographer

What to expect:

A stress-free collaboration. I'll help you feel confident!

My cozy studio is at the Bread Box Studios, located in the same building as the West Sixth Brewery (Address: 501 W. Sixth St. Lexington, Ky, 40508). If you’re in the big parking lot out back, turn towards the building — there’s a sign and some stairs on the back of the brewery building, leading up to the studio. I’ll have a rack for your clothes, and there’s a bathroom for you to freshen up in if needed.

If you’re having an outdoor session, we’ll meet up at a pre-determined location instead of the studio. There are lots of great locations to choose from!

During your session, we’ll chat, listen to music, play with light and posing, and overall have a wonderful time. It will be very light and easy!

What about after the session?

Keep an eye out for your Viewing Gallery!

I’ll send you a viewing gallery with your portraits in it. These will be unedited photos not meant for download yet! From this gallery, you’ll choose your favorite photos, and those are the ones that I’ll fully edit for you.

After I send your viewing gallery, I’ll send an invoice.

You can buy additional images for $7 each. 

Before the Photoshoot:

Clothing and style are key!

My advice here varies depending on your goal for your session. If you’re hoping for a Linked In update, definitely wear clothes that signify that you’re a professional. If you’re an actor, I might encourage bringing items that will allow you to fit common typecasts. If you’re in a less formal professional field, you might want to express more of your personality through fashion.

You’ll also want to pick items that will stand the test of time. Clothing that will look good in a photograph is often a few combinations of the following words: 

colorful, neutral, classic, minimal, bold, unique, textured, quality, well structured

I think strong prints and strong colors can be absolutely fabulous, and very neutral and classic styles are always very easy to photograph. It depends on the mood and side of yourself you want to convey. Regardless of style, I encourage you to dress like your most confident and expressive self.

You can always bring a few clothing options to choose from. If you send me photos, I can also give you advice on clothes that way.

What should I wear?

Guidelines for styling your session...

Wear clothes that flatter you! Structure is key, so choose items that have great natural structure, don’t hide your shape, or can be tucked in to create more structure. If you have a jacket, waistcoat, or sport coat, that could be a good styling addition. You probably won’t regret going a little fancier.

I recommend embracing button-downs + blouses, dresses, jumpsuits, etc. Linen and similar naturally textured fabrics photograph super well. If t-shirts are a favorite, that’s totally fine! A well-fitted t-shirt and jeans is never something I’ll dislike.

There are always exceptions to these rules, right? — Like, I’ll never reject a fabulously chunky sweater, or thumbs down a quality t-shirt. Overall, I’m a big fan of options. If you love something, bring it along and I’ll make suggestions!

Make sure that you are still the center of attention, and that your clothes pull attention to you instead of distracting from you. Most of all, choose something that you feel absolutely awesome in from top to toe. Your look should transition well with you as you move up in your field.

Before the Photoshoot:

A few more tips!

Please come ironed! This one is SO IMPORTANT. I can often ease clothing wrinkles with editing but I truly can’t adequately fix wrinkles in photoshop. I recommend changing into your outfit right before your session to avoid normal wrinkles, possible spills, and the like. If you think it won’t happen, I guarantee it will.

Fresh, highlighting makeup is best (think Glossier), with light coverage (though a good foundation is key). Feel free to go bold though, if you feel like your makeup skills are strong. If you have long hair, bring a little kit with you, so you can either freshen up, or possibly pull back your hair.

Lastly, (sorry this is awkward!) if you’re planning on wearing a bra, try it on with all the clothes you plan on bringing. Move around (truly, do!) to check for bra lines or straps — front and back. It’s really hard (sometimes impossible) to edit those bra lines out and they can ruin an amazing photo.

Lastly, your hands will probably be in the photos at some point, so give them a little freshen beforehand — whether that’s just moisturizing and a nail trim, or a full-on manicure.

A lot to take in?

Reach out anytime!

Lots of people worry about being awkward or tell me that they don’t feel photogenic. I promise you, don’t worry about it! Lots and lots of people feel this way. I’ll help you feel comfortable and express your confidence — its an important part of my job after all! I know that we can take portraits that you will feel proud of.  Truly, you’ve got this!

I’m happy to answer any questions you have, anytime. I’m always available for email, text, or message in a bottle (if that’s your jam).

My Contact Information:

502. 600. 2152