Business Portraits and Corporate Headshots

Your work has set up a headshot session day, so you all can get your business portraits updated! On the scheduled day, I’ll be set up with my lights and backdrop, and you’ll come by at a scheduled time for your short session. We’ll chat and take some great portraits — truly a no-stress situation! I’m looking forward to meeting you so much!

What to Wear, Generally

Definitely wear clothes that signify that you’re a professional. You’ll want to pick items that will stand the test of time so that your photos last you a while.

Generally, clothing that WILL look good in a photograph are: Clean, fitted, flattering, and quality, with a solid color or a subtle print. Don’t be afraid to show your personality, but be sure that you’re wearing the clothes and not vice versa. 

Generally, clothing that does not look good in a photograph are: oversized or undersized, requiring a lot of adjustment (esp. bra straps!), large print, or extremely colorful. I also encourage staying away from t-shirt material, though certain circumstances, it can work out fine. Maybe just bring a second option, too! 

There are exceptions to every guideline depending on your specific job, career, brand, and personality. Overall, the goal is to create a classic and professional look that will grow with you!

What to Wear, in Detail

Choose clothes that compliment your skin tone and draw attention to you without being distracting. Strong prints and strong colors can be great, but it is often easier to style more neutral colors/prints. Whether you go that direction depends on your style and confidence. Express your unique personality, but choose a look that is workplace-ready.

Wear fitted clothes that emphasize your shape. While there are many pieces that are meant to be a bit oversized, choose with intention. Tucking in a looser shirt, for example, still gives emphasis to your shape, and creates a “neat” appearance.

Adding a sweater, sport jacket, blazer, or suit jacket is never a bad decision, especially since it can be removed for a portion of the photos. You’ll never regret spiffing up, but it’s possible you may wish you hadn’t kept your clothing so casual.

Bring a hairbrush with you, so you can freshen up. Lastly, if you’re wearing a bra, make sure it fits super well. Try it on with the clothes you plan on wearing and move around (seriously!) to check for bra cup lines or showing straps. It’s really hard to edit those, and they can ruin an amazing photo.

How to Prepare for your Headshot Session

Even though we’re just photographing your headshot, go ahead and plan to dress head to toe! This will make a world of difference in your confidence and posture. I also recommend making sure your hands/nails are neat and trim, and that if you wear glasses, they are spiffy clean. Lastly, remember to hydrate, moisturize and wear chapstick starting a few days before to look and feel your best.

Please come ironed!!! This one is SO IMPORTANT. I really truly can’t adequately fix wrinkles in photoshop. You don’t want a bunch of wrinkles in your professional photos. Please iron your clothes!

I recommend that you change into your portrait clothes right before your session to avoid normal workday wrinkles, possible spills, and the like. You will never regret doing this, but it would be easy to regret not doing it! I have a restroom on site that you can change in, and a rack for hanging your clothing beforehand.

The session itself will be pretty relaxed. We will chat a little, and I will give you basic portrait directions. We’ll try out a few different poses and get some expression variation. Trust that under the direction of a professional portrait photographer, you will look great. There’s no need to be nervous!

No Stress, Truly!

Lots of people worry about being awkward or tell me that they don’t feel photogenic. I promise you, don’t worry! We will have a good time and get some great photos. Remember that I want to help you feel comfortable and that I will never judge you for feeling uncertain or needing time to relax. I know that we can take portraits that you will feel proud of. Our goal is to capture your personality and your professionalism so that you can have a portrait that you feel confident using. You’ve got this!!


Can’t wait to meet you!