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My name is Ayna, and I'm a weirdo.

If you’re also a bit of a weirdo, you’ve found a friend in me.

I’m a noisemaker, a certified light seeker, and an excited gesturer. I'm silly shaken and stirred with serious, and puns are my love language. I like people more than anything. I’ve been creating art my whole life.

You want someone who can really see you. You want someone who believes in what you have to say — whether it is a story about self, or a story about love, or a story about both. I’m romantic and irreverent. I’m not too traditional, but maybe neither are you. Together, we can make some magic.

The Art of Photography

Your photographer is more than a vendor or a service. We are a lens into memory and discovery, confidence and beauty. You need someone who wants to take a portrait of your parents, who will compliment your grandma and make her laugh, who will joke with your friends, and who will offer advice. You need someone who thinks of you as more than just a client.

I don’t want to photograph perfect people — I want to photograph YOU. I don’t want to photograph poses, I want to photograph connection. I won’t tell you to smile, I’ll catch you laughing. That's my vow to you.

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