What to Expect

My studio is located right downtown! I can’t wait to have you visit for a mini-session!

The address is 257 East Short Street, Suite #220,

Lexington, KY, 40507

  • Before your session, our goal is to distill your ideas and make a great plan for our time together.
    • Plan for one well-ironed outfit that fits with your session goals.
  • On the day of the session, we’ll have fun playing with expression, posing, and bringing your ideas to light.
    • Arrive 15 min early and change into your portrait clothes at the studio.
  • Afterward, I’ll get in contact with a viewing gallery that shows my favorite images we took together.
    • Three images come with your session, extra images are $10 each.


Before the Session

We have a short time together, which means doing some work beforehand to decide what your goals are for the session. I want to create the best photos we can, and the more information I have, the better!

For the best session, explore these questions beforehand:

  • What do you need the photos for? What they will do for you? How will you use your photos?
  • How do you want the portraits to make you feel about yourself, and what do you want them to say about the moment you are in? You deserve to celebrate who you are, and this is a chance to lean in and have fun expressing yourself.
  • Do you have any aesthetic or branding you need to bring into the photos? What backdrop colors are you most drawn to?

I’ll email you and we can talk more about your ideas!

Styling Guidelines

Plan on one outfit. It takes time to get used to the camera, and changing in the middle will cause us to lose momentum during the short time we have. I’m happy to advise you on what to wear before the session through text or email. If you bring multiple outfits, I can give you advice before we start photographing.

If you want to make a mood board (Pinterest is always good), feel free to share! Or, you can pick out a few photos from my portfolio to show me what kind of aesthetic, colors, or mood you’re after. We won’t have a ton of time to really dive in artistically, but good planning beforehand will help us make faster, better, and more creative choices the day-of.

Clothing Advice

Express Yourself!

If you’re seeking business headshots, slightly more formal looks will make your photos last longer and help others see you as more professional. Your look should transition with you as you move up in your field. Come well-ironed and well-groomed.

For personal portraits, wear clothes that express your personality and/or the aesthetic you want for your photos. Think about why you want a portrait session, what you want to feel during it, and what you want to look back to remember. Don’t be afraid to dream up something artistic or creative.

For all sessions, staying true to your personality, having fun, and feeling comfortable are crucial to looking relaxed in front of the camera. If you don’t have clothes that make you feel that way, I encourage you to explore more and see what you can change to give yourself more joy.

Week-of Tips

Moisturize and hydrate! Drink that water, pamper that skin, and use chapstick! You’ll *feel* better inside and out, and that will also make your photos look better.

Use fresh and highlighting makeup that enhances your features without overpowering. Glossier style, easy to touch up should you need to.

Freshen up your hands — whether that’s just moisturizing/a nail trim, or a full-on manicure. They will likely be in the photos.

Try on your bra with each outfit (if you plan to wear a bra). Move around and check for lines or straps — front and back. It’s really hard to edit those lines out, and they can easily ruin an amazing photo.


Day-of Tips

Get enough sleep and give yourself extra time to get ready. Tall order, I know! You want to feel your best and look your best so be sure to set yourself up for success!

Come ironed!!! I can ease clothing wrinkles, but I often can’t completely fix them, even in photoshop.

Check out the map I emailed! Finding the parking area can be complicated (most people get confused!), and getting lost can waste time you’d otherwise use to get comfortable in the studio.

Arrive 15 minutes early! I can touch base with you before we start shooting, and you can get comfortable and oriented in the space. My husband will be helping out that day, so he will answer any questions you have and show you around.

Change into your portrait clothes in the studio! That way, you can avoid wrinkles, spills, errant pet hair, etc. If you have more than one outfit, I’ll help you choose between them. There is a bathroom to change in and a place to hang your clothes as well.

After the Session

Keep an eye on your inbox!

I’ll send you a viewing gallery containing the best photos of the day. These will be lightly edited photos not meant for download yet! You’ll be able to choose your top three favorite images, and even buy more at $10/each. Please do not screenshot the viewing gallery images, as this makes me very unhappy 🙁 I trust you to be responsible, kind, and respect my art and business.

After you choose your final images, I’ll send an invoice that will resolve the last payment. It will be through your email and is fully payable online.

A Lot to Take In?

Reach out anytime!

Many people worry about being awkward or tell me that they don’t feel photogenic. I promise you, the majority of people feel this way, even folks who are actually excellent in front of the camera. It’s a very human feeling! I promise I’ll help you feel comfortable and express your confidence. I know that we can take portraits that you will feel proud of, and I’m so excited to see you in the studio and have an amazing time hanging out.

Reach out with any questions you have, anytime. I’m always available for email, text, or carrier pigeon 😉

My contact information:

502. 600. 2152