I knew Becca from a writing workshop I attended in Hazard, Ky. In her writing, her voice was elegant but also dark and floral feeling in its lushness. I suspected her style hadn’t changed. Sean, on the other hand, is a break dancing, music-making bad boy from New Zealand. Only good things could come of the combination.

They had such a unique vision for their intimate Covington, Kentucky wedding. Not only would it compliment their personalities — sophisticated, yet with a touch of badassery, fashionable yet minimalist — it would represent in many ways the melding of two cultures and histories. Sean is Maori, and his mother, father, and brother all flew in to celebrate. The ceremony (held at a family friend’s gorgeous and quirky historical house) was beautifully rich with traditional Maori elements, included the most amazing traditional feather cloak, as well as recitations in Maori by his parents.

To top it all off, after the reception (and some great dancing!), a small party of wedding-goers went out on the town in Cincinnati for Goodfella’s Pizza and beer. My kind of ending!

For brevity, I’ve only posted photos from their first look and portrait session at Hotel Covington — a stunning venue, ideal for the minimalist and modern vibes Becca and Sean loved. Check out the slideshow for a look into the full day — just type the password, “Kiwi”, into the input.

Becca + Sean’s Slideshow

Just type the password “Kiwi” to check out the day’s highlights