What actually is an elopement?

Perhaps you’re inviting 15 people, or 5. Perhaps just you two and your officiant. I would personally call any wedding gathering under 25 people an elopement, and any celebration under 50 people, a small wedding. 
Eloping, specifically, has become synonymous with intimacy and a kind of lawless celebration — intentionally creating a celebration that specifically matches your ideals as a couple. What you value, shared with your closest loved ones, or kept sweetly between yourselves. An idea of who you are together, that you have the joy of bringing to life tangibly. Because an elopement is kept so small, it is often far easier to style the day exactly as you’d like. From a gorgeous state park hike to a banquet table reception under the stars, whatever sweet experience you can dream up, you can probably make a reality.

I want to help you create the wedding of your dreams. As a photographer, it's seriously my delight and honor to photograph your wedding in a way that I think will thrill you. I try to get to know my clients so that I can understand what excites them, and what they value, and who they are. Big shindig or quiet elopement, city venue or country farm, two hundred people or ten, religious or non-traditional — these are all beautiful and valuable ways to celebrate community and love. I’m already excited to meet you and hear about what you're planning.

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