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Being in love is pretty awesome, huh? 

I'm over the moon when I get to document that love. I'm delighted to be trusted with your excitement, your fabulous awkwardness, your goofy inside jokes. I'm not too traditional, but maybe you aren't either. 

My style is narrative, my portraits are editorial and tender, and I want to take photos that you'll want to keep forever. 


Wedding photography is an investment, but it's also an essential whether you've decided to go all out or are happily heading right to the courthouse. These are the images that you'll keep, and in them you'll see the day again — your family, your friends, the joy, the tears, and your total love for each other — over and over for decades to come. 

It would be an honor to be your photographer. I'll be there every step of the way to support, document, and help in any way you need.

 My packages vary in coverage time and add-ons — from 8 hours, to an entire day of professional, attentive photography. 

My highest priced package is $3,250. 

I do also have an hourly rate if you're looking for something a little less involved. 

 Hopefully, I'm somewhere in your price range. I try to keep things flexible, so that I can work with all you hunnies. 

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Engagement Sessions

Book an engagement session with me for $300 (or add it to a wedding package for a discount) and we'll take ourselves on an adventure. These sessions are all about you in your element — your personal style, the places that mean the most to you, and (of course) your adoration for each other. We'll galavant around for about an hour and a half being terribly silly, you'll cuddle and joke with each other, and not too long after you'll get a professional gallery to download and share. 

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Honeymoon Sessions

Honeymoon sessions are a delicious new offering. Sometimes it's a real trick to make space for portraits on your wedding day, so let's skip the time constraints and go out for a session afterward. You'll get dolled up in your finery again, but this time leave behind the stress of relatives, guests, and a schedule. We'll have an astounding few hours making editorial portraits while you two splash about in newly wedded bliss. Sounds fun, no? Add it to your wedding package for $300, or book it separately.

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Send me a message and we'll make some magic.

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