Ayna Lorenzo 

People Photographer. Lexington, Ky. 

I'm a weirdo. 

If you're also a weirdo, you've found a friend in me. 

I get excited about strong coffee, old English literature, ripe tomatoes, and other monumental things. I'm a noise maker, a flower kisser, and a spoon collector. 

Oh, and I really love people. 

I'm an avid Kentuckian living to make portraits that describe the real you and your relationships with the people you love most. I'm into portraits of all sorts, and weddings of all kinds. I'm into narrative — real life as it is, candid, unexpected, and wonderful despite (or because of). I'm into real big laughs and really having fun. 

I'd be into meeting you. 

Let's chat. Together we can make something wonderful. 

( Portrait by Sarah Hart Landolt )


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