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Portrait Day at the Office —

What to Wear, How to Prepare, etc.

This is an opportunity to update your look and express who you are right now, which is actually pretty exciting. Here is a short guide that will help you get ready to have your professional portrait taken.

What to expect:


Your work has set up a headshot session day, so you all can get your portraits nice and updated! This is truly a no-stress situation. On the scheduled day, I'll be set up with my lights and backdrop, and you'll come by at a scheduled time for your 15 minute session. We'll chat and take some great portraits. Later, you'll get two finished portraits, in both color and black and white.

What to wear:

This is a LinkedIn Situation.

Definitely wear clothes that signify that you're a professional, and you'll want to pick items that will stand the test of time. Overall (and this is not a *rule* but only a decent set of guidelines), clothing that will look good in a photograph is often a couple combinations of the following words:

colorful or neutral, bold or subtle, unique, eye-catching, textured, well made, quality.

I think strong prints and strong colors can be absolutely fabulous, as well as very neutral and classic colors and styles. It all depends on the mood and side of yourself you want to convey. You should look like yourself, and express your unique personality (eye catching, hello!), but also choose a look that is still workplace ready.

A few more specific guidelines:

I recommend clothes with less overall fabric. If there is no angle where I can see or emphasize your shape, then something else may be better. While there are many dusters and blouses in women's clothes that are meant to be a little oversized, choose with intention. High waisted pants are perfect for this actually because they allow for something baggy, but still give emphasis to your curves. Same for gentlemen — if your button down isn’t well fitting, I may have you tuck it in, for example. Try to wear clothes that flatter you and don't hide your shape.

Men — You'll probably want a classic or modern look that will last you a while. I generally recommend avoiding anything distracting, like a super bright-colored button down or something with a pattern that will be distracting. That being said, if you have something with a more subtle pattern, or a pattern meant to express your personality or sense of style, go for it. If you want to be more fancy, a sport jacket or suit jacket never hurt anybody. I guarantee you'll never regret going up a level in fanciness, but it's possible you may regret keeping it too casual. I don't usually encourage a tie though. It's up to your boss if they want to require you to have one, but I personally think it makes people feel and look a little too buttoned up. Regardless, all of it is up to you!

Ladies — I highly recommend avoiding t-shirt material, and embracing blouses, linen, and similar fabrics. Structured shirts, jackets, or blouses that can be tucked in are your absolute friend. Feel free to accessorize with jewelry and the like, but make sure that you are still the center of attention, and that your clothes pull attention to you instead of distract from you. Most of all, choose something that you feel absolutely awesome in, and that is a classic and professional enough look to grow with you.

As for makeup, fresh, highlighting makeup is best (think Glossier), with light coverage (though a good foundation is key). Bring a brush with you, so you can either freshen up, or possibly pull back your hair. Lastly, (sorry this is awkward!) make sure your bra fits super well. Try it on with the clothes you plan on wearing and move around (truly, do!) to check for bra lines or straps. It's really hard (sometimes impossible) to edit those out and they can ruin an amazing photo. Bras are the worst, I know!

Consider changing into your clothes at the office.


What I honestly might recommend (especially for shirts) is that you change into your outfit right before your session to avoid normal workday wrinkles, possible spills, and the like. If you think it won't happen, I guarantee it will.

Also, please come ironed! This one is SO IMPORTANT. I can often ease clothing wrinkles with editing but I really truly can't adequately fix wrinkles in photoshop. You don't want a bunch of wrinkles in your professional photos. Please please iron your clothes!

No Stress!

Lots of people worry about being awkward or tell me that they don't feel photogenic. I promise you, don't worry about it! We will have a good time and get some great photos. I want to help you feel comfortable — it's a major part of my job, after all! — and I know that we can take portraits that you will feel proud of. I want to capture your personality and your professionalism so that you can have a portrait that you feel confident using. You've got this!

Can't wait to meet you all!

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