Wedding Photography FAQ

How many photos will we get? How long will it be before the photos are delivered? 

You can expect 350-400 photos for a wedding lasting more than 4 hours. Obviously, the number of photos ranges including whether I have a second shooter, how long we have for portraits, and how long I am shooting overall.  The photos are all high-res and fully edited. You also have the option of a black and white copy of every image. Otherwise, I'll make black and white copies as I go, choosing on a photo-by-photo basis. 

As for when you can expect you photos, on average I deliver galleries in about 3 months. If you wedding is during busy season (August-October) the time will be about 3 1/2 months. It may seem long! But your wedding, and the other photos I am completing, all deserve the same level of attention and love. And of course I try to send you sneak peek photos along the way. <3  

What do you shoot with? 

I am wielding two Nikon D610s, a wide angle, a portrait lens, and an external flash. I always have two cameras on me, just in case one of them fails, and some extra backup lenses, just in case I accidently throw my other ones in a carafe of orange juice or something equally unfortunate. 

How do you get the photos to us? 

Your photos are delivered to you on a USB, which you can pick up, I can bring to you (only if you're local to my area), or I can set sail in a package through the smooth waters of the USPS. 

You also get a snazzy online gallery. I prefer that you share big quantities of your photos through the online gallery as opposed to uploading them on a facebook album, because they maintain quality a bit better (um, and it's way easier), but really it's up to you. 

Can we have the RAW files or unedited images? 

I have a specific style and aesthetic which are (at least I hope) the main reasons you want me as your photographer. For that reason, and my own sanity, I do not give out unedited or RAW files. I put my heart into sorting through and editing your photos for the best and brightest (including bloopers!). You won't be missing out on anything. This is an essential part of the service I provide to you, and honestly (trust me!) those  files are no fun.

It's not like cookie dough — photos definitely aren't just as tasty raw. 

What on earth is a Honeymoon Session?

If you are feeling stressed at the idea of taking a whole hour out of your wedding day to have a wedding portrait session, if you want to forgo a first look and won't have time later in the day, or even if you aren't jazzed about the portrait locations available near your ceremony or reception, I offer an after wedding portrait session option, which I call a Honeymoon Session. 

Essentially, you both get dolled up again and we go have an amazing time, in full regalia, in a location of your choosing. You're both more relaxed, you're less worried about keeping your clothes immaculate and your hair spray on fleek (are things still on fleek??), you have no questions to answer or great aunts to corral, and you're both blissfully, fantastically, relievingly married. We can have a great time, be swoony and romantic, be a little more adventurous, and don't have to stick to a timetable. If the light is good, we can stay there in the glow for as long as we want. Pretty amazing, if you're into it. 

Can we add a second shooter? 

You bet your bottom dollar! They're like, the best. Brilliant Photographer, Support System, People Organizer, Time Saver, Detail Catcher! Plus, two creative minds are always better than one. 

I have a few second shooters I work with often — wonderful photographers in their own right — and I'd be delighted to introduce you to them beforehand or send you examples of their work. 

Do you have any vendor suggestions? 

Sure do! I have many people I love to work with, and I'm happy to share. For example, I know many amazing caterers, cake makers, florists, reception and ceremony venues, dress tailors, jewelers, DJs, musicians, and even some food truck vendors! I even have a whole blog post about it! 

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